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Visit the Oceanview Mine for a chance to find your own gems—tourmalines, kunzites, morganites and more! Your visit allows you a unique view of the only actively working underground mine in the world famous Pala Gem mining district. Come visit us for this unique experience--like nothing else in the world.

How does it work?

We've taken care of everything you need. We provide you with screens, water, buckets and shovels--and most importantly, a big pile of gem-rich dirt and gravel taken from our mines! After a brief training session, you have four hours to work the pile, looking for your gems. You get to keep everything you find at no extra charge; the standard dig fee allows you to keep all you find. In addition, you can take home one 5-gallon bucket of rocks that you have screened and washed if you want to more carefully sort through them at home.

Guests also get a jeep tour of Chief Mountain where you can see all of the currently active mines and prospects, as well as views of the famous Pala Chief, Tourmaline Queen and other historic mines.